NeoCon Interior Design Trends 06/30/2022

It was great to return to theMART for this year’s NeoCon. It’s a great time to show off the newest and upcoming products and also check out the interior design trends that are dominating the industry.  We’ve put together a few observations and created a summary of interior design trends we noticed at NeoCon.

  1. The Work-From-Home Movement

Work from home was generally considered a perk, and slowly trending up before COVID, and now it’s an expectation that has exploded across industries. According to Pew Research, 61% of those with a workplace out of the home are choosing not to go into their workplace. The interior design industry is responding by accommodating this new hybrid work mentality and providing small collaboration spaces for those required to come in a few days a week. This is usually when in-person meetings occur in order to best utilize this face-to-face time.

This year, 9to5 Seating highlighted a new product that fits into a collaboration space and private space. The new fully upholstered Ellie offers a playful design for those short meetings when a team needs to brainstorm, lean back and let the creative juices flow. It also offers ergonomic comfort for long sits in those private breakaway spaces when you need to put your head down and just get through something.

Pictured: Ellie
2. Breakaway Spaces

This is another trend that’s been developing over the last few years. Space planners and designers realize that employees don’t want to work at the same spot or in the same manner all day long. For those in private cubicles there need to be small collaboration spaces. But, for those in open offices, there need to be private areas to break free from the noise and clutter.  Numerous research shows that productivity actually increases by moving around, collaborating in different places besides your workstation, and taking breaks throughout the day.

Manufacturers continue to step up and deliver unique private spaces and thoughtfully designed furniture to promote mental health breaks.

We’ve found many interior designers specify the Omnia chair for those offices that require a chair to move from a workstation to a private breakout space. Its light frame allows for easy mobility while its sturdy mesh provides all-day comfort.

Pictured: Omnia
3. Piece of Home

We saw several beautiful and innovative products that are helping bridge the gap between the comforts of home and the functionality of the office. 9to5 Seating has a range of soft seating and lounge chairs that are comfy and offer the “resi-mercial” look and feel.

The Jax and Lilly lounge series come in a variety of models that bring comfort and style to any private office, conference room or breakout space.  These stylish options are so comfy they will almost make you forget you’re at work – perfect for those who are still adjusting to being back in the office. These chairs are customizable with endless fabric and finish options.

Pictured: Lilly Rocker
Pictured: Jax lounge
Pictured: Jax Side
4. Biophilia

This one ties to the resi-mercial theme, but it was also so prominent that it deserves a separate mention. Manufacturers are embracing the nature theme everywhere possible. From potted plants embedded in shelving systems to entire green walls and dedicated planters as space division, the trend for green was strong all across NeoCon this year.


We can’t wait to see these trends continue to thrive and evolve over these few months. And we look forward to seeing what next year’s NeoCon will bring.