Three Reasons Movement is Good for You at Work 05/11/2023

We all know exercise and a balanced diet are no-brainers for healthy living, but as we kick off the new year, here are three reasons why moving around is also good for you at work. According to several research studies, movement at work is great for productivity and worker wellness. Whether you own the business or climb the corporate ladder, everyone can get on board with improved efficiency and a healthier lifestyle. From a great task chair to walking breaks, let’s dive in.


  1. Posture is King

First, we’ll start with the beginning of the work day for most – sitting in a task chair is where 50-70% of Americans start their work day and good posture is critical to maintaining a comfortable sit. As 9to5Seating has highlighted in previous articles, good posture is a whole topic that contributes to better productivity in the workplace. Check out that article here. Sitting offers a much-needed rest for the legs, allowing the load to be shifted to other muscle groups. However, healthy spinal motion is critical when sitting. A good task chair should match the natural curve of the spine. People also like to recline or lounge while seated – this is inevitable – so an ergonomically designed task chair also needs to offer a footrest, adjustable back, and adjustable armrests to keep the body aligned and supported while reclining.

9to5 Seating offers several task chairs that promote movement even while sitting. Sol was designed with movement in mind and features unique pivot-back technology that enables torso rotation and side-to-side movement necessary for sharing or reading screens beyond the desktop. HÅG Capisco and Capisco Puls are the ultimate in movement chairs. Feeling fidgety and restless while sitting? No problem with these chairs because they allow the user multiple different ways to sit, all while still maintaining good posture. Ultimately, the same research shows that comfortable workers are less fatigued, which leads to a 17% increase in productivity.


  1. Stand While Working

Knowledge workers can only sit for so long, even with best-in-class task chairs from 9to5 Seating. That’s why leading research suggests that workers stand and move around periodically. Standing allows workers to reset their posture, work different muscle groups, and burn more calories. The shift from sitting to standing is also a natural point to take a stretch break which also promotes good health. As part of an ASU study, employees at the school were given a choice between several types of desks during a remodel, and 80% chose a height-adjustable desk.

So, how do you choose the right sit-stand desk chair for your needs? Check out our helpful tips from a recent blog post: What’s the Right Chair for my Sit/Stand Desk. Tips like, choose a chair with a foot ring and ask yourself where your desk will reside – lab, open work station?


  1. Get to Walking

Last, if you want to stay healthy and productive, you will have to move around. In the same study cited above, a group of 45 workers was asked to walk at 1 mile per hour on an innovative treadmill workstation. The participants lost an average of 8 lbs and reduced their triglyceride levels by 37%. All of this just by walking for a short period of time consistently during the work week. This type of treadmill workstation setup might not be realistic for every company, but short walks around the office are possible for almost everyone.

What’s also helpful is mobility when you need it. When you’re in that long training meeting or when you’re in a quick collaboration meeting that turned into something longer a comfortable multi-purpose chair is a must. The Vox and Dash chairs are great options with their unique flexback technology. They can be configured as a standard base, sled, or with casters, which makes them a “swiss army knife” option throughout the office. And like we’ve said, more comfortable employees are more productive employees.